Design 1

This course of Design with Lawrence Marvit we were giving the understanding of the stylistic influence of art history on today’s films, animation design and character design productions. Futhermore the course focused on composition and varied media techniques and understanding the relation of image and design. We explored the principles of design, shape, value, form, texture, color and contrast.

Through the week we were giving a couple of assignments in the mentioned principles. 

1. Box and Line
The assignment was that we had to make 3 boxes and 1 line on an A4 paper and no measurments must be the same.

Thumbnail sketches of "Boxes and Line"

The final which I hung up and was giving crique of.  

2. The feeling of Chocolate
Here we should eat a plate of chocolate and make a list and a poetry of what we feelt when we ate the chocotale, and then make a image, with only "Line", which described the feeling. 

The image

3. Jazz
For this assignment we were to listening to a Jazz album and make a list of our feeling. I feelt like it was a journey through the city all alone. To describe this assignment we would use shape and line.

4. Horror or Romance
For this assignment the focuse was on value. We could choose from horror or romance and make an image with shape, line and value, which described the genre. I chose Horror. 

5. Robin Hood or Dracula
For the final assignment we were to do an image depicturing the story of Robin Hood or Dracula, with all the principals we have been taught. 
First I chose Robin Hood, but could only come up with one thumbnail and then decided to find out more about the story of Dracula and came up with some different thumbnail sketches.

The Final image

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