Visit from La Poudriére

After a tough week with Flash I had to work with it another week. However this time it wasn't with puppets, but traditional 2D animation in Flash. 
During the week we were working together with the french animation film school La Poudriére (http://www.poudriere.eu/en), who we should help making animations for. We were all divided into groups and each group had a student from La Poudriére as their director. In my group we worked on the concept "Petit Touriste". It was a lot of fun working like this and I made a run cycle of one of the main characters called Bobek and a scene with a fisherman.

Bobek runing

Fisherman fishing for transport
In this scene the sea is only fishes and not water. The fisherman throughs out the bait and the fishes starts "swimming" and creates a motor for the boat. 
I animated the fisherman and another one from the group animated the sea of fishes.

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