QP Armadillo Snapping Dragon

This project was a collaboration between the two classes CGA and CA. One Animator and one CGA worked together to create a 3D creature which should fit into a live-action background. 

Group: Me and Simon Ternowitz 

We had 3 days of concept design to figure out how our creature should look like. After, my fellow CGA, did almost everything you see except the animation which I was lucky to do :D He is a very talented guy and it was a blast working together. However, this is not the final-final, we are still working to make the scene even better.  

Here are some early concept designs, color scheme, range of motion and some animation tests we had time to do during the project. Like, an Idle where the character is just standing in the background looking alive and a walk cycle.

Concept Design

Color Scheme

Range of emotion


Walk cycle

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