Animation Basic

During Animation Basic we were had the honor of having Mike Polvani and his wife Cathlin as our teacher. We were taught to do some basic 2D animation like the pendulum to learn how to think of spacing and time. A bouncing ball to be familiar of the squash and stretch principle, following by a heavy and light excise to be aware of dealing with different materials. A seaweed and the bouncing ball with a tail focusing at the wave principle.

Next we moved on to animating characters. We did a head turn and breaking the joints   

Finially we did our final animation of a flour sack using the principels we have been taught throughout the 3 weeks of animation basic.


(It needs some inbetween at the end, which I will do later)

Bouncing Ball

Heavy and light
A bowling ball rolling down the stairs, a ping pong ball jumping down the stairs and a ping pong ball just jumping across the screen.

Seaweed with bobbles

A ball with attitude plus a tail. 
There were 3 emotions we could animate from and I got Happy.

Head turn.
We had a modle sheet to get to know the character before we animated it. Furthermore we were given the choice to have the squirrel react in a frightened, shy or suprized emotion. I chose shy.

Breaking the joints.

The Final
The flour sack

Sketches of the Flour sack

Thumbnails of the story
In the animation I changed a lot in the scenes, however I tried to keep a focus of the main idea I had.

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