Drawing for animation

Through the 2 weeks of Drawing for Animation, Frederik Villumsen were the teacher. He taught us to solidify our draftsmanship and strengthen our planing and staging of scenes. Furthermore, the cours focused on strengthening the thumbnailing and sketching phases in the student’s workflow to improve our key-poses (breakdowns, anticipations and extremes) and provide a set of tools to ask the right questions to make sure we communicate our idea best as possible.

Everyday we would do morning crouqis of a scene where the character Stitch would do an action. This helped us loosen up and to focus on the sketching phase.   

Here you see some sketches of the character I did before I planned my scene:

Here you see my thumbnail sketches of my scene:

Here you see only the Storytelling Keys which is the "what-happens". Which we worked on for 1 week:

The next week we were to make the "how-happens", with breakdown, anticipations and extremes:

However, by Wednesday I was done with what should be finished for Friday. This meant that I filled the scene with inbetweens, eventhough we are suppose to have a course later which is about inbetweening. Nevertheless I were told it was fine with the scene and I could always make the scene on ones. Anyway, here is the final scene:

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