Character Design

I really liked this course where I was learning about character design. For one of the first assignment I was in a group together with Mads and Dorte, and made a rather funny silhouette film about Denmark.

A silhouette film

For the next assignment we had to go down town to take pictures of objects that seemed to have eyes and form those pictures I created the characters showed below. Zombie was the theme.

The town has eyes

The final assignment was a lot of fun. We had to listen to a story about a little girl called Molly who meet a monster, big as a house. The monster wanted to eat her, but Molly is a brave girl and punches the monster on the nose, who then transforms into a pink fluffy creature with flowers on its head and then into a little rabbit.

We had to design Molly, the monster and the rabbit. First I made a lot of sketches of each character from what the story had told about them. Like, the monster was big as a house, big glowing eyes, black claws and big yellow teeth. Molly was a 5-6 year old girl, who was walking outside and suddenly it starts raining, which means she wasn't prepared for the rain and properly did not have any umbrella or rain coat on. Finally the rabbit had to have some similarities in relation to the monster. 

The sketches on the left on the first drawing, are what I liked, but did not want to use for the characters. The middle ones are the more approved sketches I wanted to work from. After that I kinda got a little stuck, so I tried to do some photo collage images of the characters, and I really liked the attitude of them. However, I wasn't sure what I wanted the final look to be like, so I tried experimenting with a more photoshop'ed version of them (last picture) but I wasn't too happy with the look. I therefor decided that if the characters should be produced in a show it would be the photo collaged ones.     

Brave Molly

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