Short, Short Film

For 4 weeks I was in a group with 3 CA's and 3 CG's making a Short, Short Film, which we called "Der Vogel". For the film we were given a random word: Helium, an emotion: Melodramatic and a style guide: John K and Ronald Searle. We decided that our story should be about the fairytale clichés. 
The CA's decided to dedicate one character each and the CG's did the backgrounds. We all did a lot more off course :) 
For the characters, all CA's made some sketches for all the characters and then we all gathered and decided on which ones we like to further develop. 
I was given the task to work with the Princess and make a suitable design for her to mach the film. First I took the sketches we liked and mixed them to create a final design (see first image below). 


When I had gotten an approval of my design I tried some different colors for her, to see what would look best.   

Next step in the design process was making the model sheets for animation purpose. First I did a description sheet of her, like how the hair should be like, how tall she is and so on. Afterwards, I made a sheet with different poses she would most likely be in and how her dress and hair would move like. For the last sheet I made different expressions for the princess. Finally I did a turn around of her in TV-Paint, which was a bit tricky, because I had posed her a little bit wired. Anyhow, I managed to pull it off, and it also helped me when I had to animate her for the film.  

During the whole process I also helped editing the film, and pulled together a couple of PowerPoint presentations for some of our pitches. Further more I animated the tower falling apart.  

Last but not least, here's the Short, Short Film I helped making. 

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