Dialogue Animation

For these two weeks I learned about how to add a dialogue into my animation, and how the character would move in regards to what it is saying. There were 3 different assignments we could choose from: animate a cat with dialogue, animate Gerald McBoing Boing with dialogue or be in a group and animate a longer dialogue scene with the cat, Gerald McBoing Boing and a bird. I chose to do the last assignment together with Stine Andersen and Belinda Larsen. 

We made some differences from the given storyboard to make it a bit more easy to dedicate the different scenes and characters. I animated the cat, which gave me some troubles. The first version I made of the cat, I felt didn't look like the one on the model sheets and therefor the second week I changed it and animated it like it was a silhouette character. However I still felt like it didn't work, but I didn't have the time to change it again. Anyway here's the dialogue scene below:     

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